Equity Talks Season 2 | 2020-21 - Shared screen with gallery view
Amy Davis
Welcome to the season two finale of Equity Talks! We’ll begin in a moment but in the meantime say hello in the chatroom and let us know your role and where you’re joining us from. Be sure to “select All Panelists and Attendees” so that everyone can see your comments.
Dr. Theresa Rouse
Good afternoon! I'm the superintendent of Joliet Public Schools District 86, Joliet, Illinois
Amy Davis
Welcome Dr. Kishimoto! Welcome all! Thank you for introducing yourselves and saying hello to our panelists today. Be sure to “select All Panelists and Attendees” so that everyone can see your comments.
Ryan Eisele
Ryan Eisele, equity and inclusion coordinator from Clarkston Michigan.
Emily Kavanagh
Hello from Columbia, MD. High School SPED Social Studies Teacher, Annapolis, MD
Kishimoto, Christina
Aloha colleagues, this is Dr. Kishimoto, State Supt of Hawaii. Also love participating in these equity discussions with you!
Joseph Dragone
Joe Dragone, currently in Roslyn as Assistant Superintendent for Business and Administration, moving to Amityville as of July 1, 2021 as Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations.
Dr. Lesli Myers-Small, Superintendent, Rochester City Schools, NY
Looking forward to connecting with everyone today!
Damaris Garrett
Greetings, everyone from Clayton County Public Schools (metro Atlanta), Georgia!! Damaris G., Director of Equity and Compliance -
J. Dontrese Brown
Hello from Richmond, VA
Jimmy Neitzel, Discovery Education
Howdy from Austin, TX! Excited to learn from these impressive district leaders!
Kandace Jones
Hello from Richmond, VA
Willette Trotty-Aubrey
Greetings, everyone from Aldine ISD. Dr. Willette Trotty-Aubrey Program Director for Middle School Science.
David Waltenbaugh
Hi all! Another joining from Richmond, VA!
Andrea Meyer
Good afternoon! Dr. Andrea Meyer here in North Carolina!
Dr. Cavaliere Lindenhurst
Hello from New York, Dr. Ailene Cavaliere
Rebecca Osburn
Greetings, all. Welcome from St. Paul, MN!
Peter Olson-Skog
Hello all from a proud superintendent colleague of Joe’s in MN.
Laura Reyes
Hi! Laura Reyes Baytown, TX (east of Houston),
Amy Davis
Access the Equity Talks white paper here! http://dlc.com/ET-Season1-Whitepaper
Amy Davis
Of course! Thanks for joining us today. For all, please feel free to share you questions and comments throughout the conversation today. Dr. Luvelle Brown will take questions from the chatroom if there is time! Be sure to select “All Panelists and Attendees” when you share.
David Waltenbaugh
Amy Davis
As you listen to our panelists share today, please feel free to share your questions and thoughts. Dr. Brown may take questions from the chatroom when there is time.
Susan Mittler NYSED Regent, ILR Collective Bargaining
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a focus for the New York State Department of Education. How do we incorporate this into our curriculum as we begin the new year in September. How will you support the teachers with professional development?
Joseph Dragone
Setting the "elimination of suspensions" as a goal is an excellent way to focus attention on the behaviors and processes of adults that will help children to be successful in school and not need to be excluded. The goal is not aimed at children of color but at all children. Congratulations, Joe Gothard! You go, man!!
David Waltenbaugh
I’m curious to know if Drs. Gothard, Myers-Small, and Brown have any thoughts on the complications in their dialog and interactions with families and students in their school systems which may be influenced by some of the misinformation that is being injected into the conversation on a larger, national and social/societal level. How can school systems and their officials, administrators, representatives, and staff compete to have their messaging heard and understood when it might contrast with some of the noise of mis- and dis-information which is so rampant on public and social media?
Kishimoto, Christina
Culturally relevant supports is right on point! Unfortunately, this core assumption of quality student-focused practice is difficult to get buy in on. Why the lack of understanding?
Susan Mittler NYSED Regent, ILR Collective Bargaining
What about the inclusion of greater civic content to bring issues and responsibilities to the students for consideration?
Joseph Dragone
Please help me to address the "issue" raised by my "friends" that CRT is causing white children to feel guilt and shame about the treatment received by children of color and therefore should NOT be taught in schools. I recognize that these "friends" might have racist intent in their objections - but I want them to understand (if not necessarily agree with) the need for culturally responsive education and the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Or am I wasting my time? Should I just ignore them and hope they go away?
Kishimoto, Christina
Love it Dr. Myers-Small! We share your excitement!
Joseph Dragone
Thank you Lesli!
Susan Mittler NYSED Regent, ILR Collective Bargaining
This is our history.... learn to look at history through multiple perspectives, lenses. Educators need support in presenting the "facts" accurately and with compassion!
Amy Davis
Thank you for sending the panelists your questions! This session will be added to the collection here: https://www.discoveryeducation.com/info/equity-talks-collection/
J. Dontrese Brown
Cultural Education!
Andrea Meyer
Amen! Relationships can NOT be underestimated!
Andrea Meyer
Maslow before you Bloom...
Dr. Lesli Myers-Small, Superintendent, Rochester City Schools, NY
@Regent Mittler I will invite you for sure...I want you to see PhotoVoice in action!
Kishimoto, Christina
Dr. Gothard, your comments speak to recognizing the people that pass through our lives and change us. Thank you for sharing.
Keishla Ceaser-Jones
That was powerful. Dr. Maya always has the words.
Kishimoto, Christina
Another great session! Mahalo!
Nina Sclafani
Thank you all so much for everything that you do. Today was amazing.
Dr. Theresa Rouse
Great session! Thanks for all of the open honest sharing!
Andrea Meyer
Thank you all so much! I appreciate your insights and vulnerability.
Martha Kenney
Thank You!
Susan Mittler NYSED Regent, ILR Collective Bargaining
Speaking truth to power takes courage and persistence. Looking forward to future discussions.
Dr. Joe Gothard, Superintendent, Saint Paul Public Schools, MN
Great to be with you all, best wishes and enjoy summer. Joe
Dr. Lesli Myers-Small, Superintendent, Rochester City Schools, NY
Blessings to everyone!
Jeff Millner
Have a Great Summer